Business of Architecture: Insights from Australia’s Largest Firms

Architecture, as a specific form of social existence, as a process of knowledge and transformation by the society of the environment of human activity in accordance with its material and spiritual needs, most vividly reflects all the collisions of society. Let’s check the main principles of business architecture at the examples of the largest architecture firms Australia in the article below.

Business of architecture and its role

Although the specialties “architecture” and “design” are different, they are very closely related. Architects decide how the process of creating an object will take place. They are strategists who create an idea and a plan of action. Their work is most often considered more abstract compared to design. In the course of industrialization, which led to the active development of cities, people gradually noticed that the city lacked nature in one way or another. Powerful development and territorial expansion of cities required working with space, and solving the problems that arose.

Architectural activity transforms the material world surrounding a person — the natural environment of his life. The result of this transformation is an artificial (architectural) environment, which, as an objective reality, becomes an integral part of the natural environment, that is, a starting point, a defining condition, and an object of architectural activity. We can say with a high degree of confidence that the next link in the “smartization” process will be the “smart city”, because practically all large agglomerations are thinking about the automation of urban management processes in one way or another.

The architecture of Australia includes the architecture of the Commonwealth of Australia and its indigenous and colonial societies. The architectural styles of the colonial period were heavily influenced by British culture. Nevertheless, the need to adapt to Australia’s unique climate and the new trends of the 20th century led to the growing influence of American urban design and the diversity of cultural tastes and demands of an increasingly multicultural Australian society.

Deep look into Australia’s architecture and its largest architecture firms

Australia is called the country of luck, the country of happy people, and the country of friendly and good-natured people. Adventure seekers and travel lover’s dream of getting to this country. They are attracted by ostriches, kangaroos, and platypuses – exotic animals that have long made Australia famous. On this continent, beautiful landscapes, impenetrable jungles, and kilometers of exotic and blue pools are harmoniously combined with ultra-modern metropolises and urbanization. Thanks to this, Australia managed to create unique attractions that did not spoil nature.

Building a smart city from scratch in Australia is a monumental task. It is incredibly expensive and requires significant involvement from both public and private institutions. Also, how can you create a cultural environment in a newly built city? Culture is something ephemeral, and how difficult it is to plan what people will need. It is also necessary to find those who are willing to move to a new place where technology will permeate their lives without hindrance, which can make them feel like subjects or, even worse, victims of surveillance.

Among the largest architecture firms in Australia are the following:

  1. PTW Architects.
  2. Harry Seidler & Associates.
  3. Hassell.
  4. Hayball.
  5. Peter Stutchbury Architecture.
  6. Glenn Murcutt.
  7. Cox Architecture.

The largest architecture firms in Australia presented above are representatives of the earliest stages of human development accessible to our direct observation. Therefore, their culture is of exceptional interest to modern man.