“The trouble with so many of us is that we underestimate the power of simplicity” (Robert Stuberg)
“Architecture is not about form. It is about the light and the use and the structure, and the shadow, the smell and so on – form is the easiest to control – it can be done at the end” (Peter Zumthor)
“Never simplify what is complicated; or complicate what is simple _____” (Arundhati Roy)
“Fashion is what you’re offered – Style is what you choose” (Lauren Hutton)
“Simplicity with a little wit or some eclecticism makes life more fun. ” (Elliott Erwitt)
“I’ve never understood why some regard interior design as something superficial – buildings and rooms can bring out the best in us, strengthen us and influence our well-being” (Ilse Crawford)
“We have invested time in developing a language of form and materiality, that enables us to create an architecture which responds with great specificity to every project and its place.” (Andy Macdonald)
“Design is an agent of change, it can help us make sense of what is happening and turn it to our advantage.” (Alice Rawthsorn)
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” (Leonardo da Vinci)
“Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form” (Alvar Aalto)
“Thinking Laterally is at the heart of Design Ingenuity” (Stephanie Little)
“Creativity is a combination of courage and inventiveness. One without the other would be useless” (Leonard Shlain)